Here are links to some of my recent work, and other things I like, etc. These will be updated and change as we go. (The respective sites are rights-holders).

  • Another piece for the Virginia State Golf Association: Local entrepreneur and golf nut Dwight Schaubach saved and restored two private golf clubs that were doomed, Elizabeth Manor and Williamsburg Golf Club. Read all about it. 
  • Kyle Tucker, still a whippersnapper (or so it seems to me), is a good friend and one of the best in the sports journalism business. Got an interest in anything to do with the Kentucky Wildcats? His work at The Athletic should be your go-to site.  Yes, The Athletic is a subscription site. Big deal; it’s THE best sports journalism site (of a few very good ones) going today. It, and Kyle, are worth the few dollars a month to ante up.

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