The clock is ticking. I think.

Dee so very generously gave me this outstanding Garmin multi-sport training watch for Christmas. I’m pretty sure it features bells and whistles that haven’t even been invented yet but, miraculously, they are here on this crazy watch.

This morning I am trying to become familiar with the instrument, so that when my strained hamstring allows, I will be able to put it to comprehensive use as a timer, fitness tracker, sleep monitor, psychological motivational tool and, I believe it says on page 32 of the manual, a fondue maker.  Continue reading “The clock is ticking. I think.”

Christmas presence

Merry Christmas and thank you for stopping by my humble and, too often, ill-attended personal blog, whenever you do it and wherever you are.

My hope is to drop by here myself more often (!) to exercise thinking, writing and story-telling muscles that I have allowed to lapse.

I am grateful for our history and your support, for our interactions on Twitter, and for blessings throughout my life.

Please, cherish those you love most, nurture a mindful presence, and maintain a sturdy faith in humanity against the tides that would pull and rend and rip it apart.


See you soon.