An old story

I wrote a newspaper story nearly 12 years ago that evidently had the newspaper’s digital hit-meters buzzing today. Cyberspace is an odd animal.

The story is this one:

It’s truly a long story about a man and a woman. Cal Bowdler was an Old Dominion basketball player who was a first-round NBA draft pick who flamed out in three dubious years. His wife Brooke was a junkie. They were trying to work out a life that ultimately did not work out. Hearsay, but I am told Brooke appeared on the Dr. Phil show Friday and blamed her drug problem on her ex-husband. Certainly there is more that was said, and I don’t know why Brooke (formerly Tamara) warrented being on the show in the first place, so we will all consult Professor Google and perhaps see for ourselves. Viewers obviously already did that and resuscitated a cold, dusty tale.

Anyway, I was interested to hear that this story resurfaced for a day. I remember all the machinations of writing it, and I am happy with the final work that came from it all.

Can’t wait to see what floats to the surface next.

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  1. Yikes , Tom. This is by far the worst reality show ever. And it is still playing. Now Tamara/ Brooklin is again living with her ex and is constantly posting on her Let’s Talk Raw with Brooklin you tube channel where she features fights with Cal, her children , and her various talents all laced with profanity and a love of Jesus… Cal seems to be a willing participant is this endeavor as well as his unrelenting ‘ quest ‘ for the love of this woman. It is heartbreaking to see, hear and read the lengths and risks he has and continues to take with her.
    You wrote a lovely story where everyone had their best foot forward to honor a truly good man; the stumbling block has always been her. And it seems to be an immovable one.

    1. Wow you both disgust me!
      Brooklin Bowdler..
      Who by the way.
      That show was edited and BS.
      I never once blamed Cal for my addiction. So obviously you never saw the show.
      Nancy. I am blocking you!
      How dare you?
      You hadn’t been in our lives in years.
      And I don’t post us fighting on youtube.
      Wow. Take care of your umm. ” happy” life. Worry about your mess you have excepted.
      Neither of you have any idea what you are talking about.
      We now have a Son and a daughter who is cancerfree & I have been more than well for multiple years. That show was my past and ai was told I was helping addicted. I was ambushed because Dr. Phil is a dick!
      We are happier than ever.
      Oh Dear Tom.. You are a fake too. At least I have always been real! RAW!
      I don’t see you write that about us like you did 15 years ago. Just disgusting. There are children involved.
      You are as fake as the rest of journalists.
      And to think I have talked well of you to people that mattered. Where are you now?

      Exactly. Why I was on Dr. Phil, because I was lied to to get there. Did you see the title of the show?
      I had no idea my sister was there or what the show was about. Which I talk about if you had seen the show.
      Which I was a wreck the entire time.nancy if you continually watch it. You obviously have zero discernment.
      Cal & I both are by both of you. The internet is timeless and you wanted you moment of fame. Well you didn’t get it. Because that isn’t why I did the show. I was told I was helping Addicts.
      Brooklin Tamara Bowdler
      I flipped my name. I an not formerly anyone.
      Cal’s name is James Calloway Bowdler
      Does that makes him formerly James?

      Don’t respond we both think you were disgusting and reckless and used us to try and make a career. Sorry you didn’t get far. We have.

      1. You sound just like my sister who has been a meth addict. Your denial, excuses, and juvenile behavior are identical. You could pass for one another. I feel sorry for Cal Bowdler, whoever he is, because he sounds just like my brother-in-law. Always there, always hopeful, and always calling us to tell us how good she is doing only to have to call a month or two later to report the latest train wreck. He spent all is money and retirement trying to fix her and you addicts hurt the kids worse by coming in and out of their lives. Instead of one trauma, they have to experience trauma over and over why you flake off for modeling careers or some other bullcrap.

  2. Thought this rant n rave moment had lost its nerve the moment it was dropped in 2020 . It is now 2022 , and March Madness begins to-day ! And someone felt compelled to respond to her shaming spiel …Thank goodness it is in the ‘defense’ of the prior post person from 2018 and points to irrational and juvenile responses to that which could not have been any more public than national television?

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