Stifle, Edith!

, images All in the Family, the best and most impactful situation comedy ever, debuted on CBS on this date in 1971..

  • Archie, Edith, Gloria and Meathead Mike, to say nothing of George and Louise Jefferson, remain indelible American characters from Norman Lear’s landmark program that masterfully blended comedy, drama, farce, poignancy and controversy the likes of which the country had never seen. The shows were most often performed like plays on one-set stages, usually the Bunkers’ living room, from which Archie would pontificate from his arm chair and long-suffering wife Edith would patiently abide beside him. I don’t know if it’s still running anywhere regularly, but the show holds up amazingly. Here’s evidence, the great clip of Archie doing an everyman’s response to a TV editorial on gun control. Enjoy.
  • So much elite talent on display during last night’s college championship football game won 45-40 by Alabama over Clemson. The speed all over the field was stunning. Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson impressed along the lines of what Michael Vick did in that ’99 championship game against Florida State in New Orleans, also in a losing effort. Jaw-dropping stuff. Many, many NFL players on those two rosters.
  •  The game matched the hype. But can’t it start earlier, please? Yeah, I know it can’t . . .
  • So what I think is, Lady Gaga was trying to lift Leonardo DiCaprio’s wallet, is what I think. Check out the casual brushing across the back. Am I right?
  • gettyimages-504599674Many tweeps criticizing Ciara for the “inappropriate” dress in which she sang the national anthem before Monday night’s  game. Really? In a sport where cheerleaders are encouraged to pop out all over? Please.




  • Bill Foster, the former Duke basketball coach from the ’70s who died this week, grew up one town over from me outside Philly. I had no idea. He somehow must not have been on my parents’ radar; they alerted me to pretty much anybody who was close to famous way back in that day. For instance, they went to high school with Carter Merbreier, ”Captain Noah” in the long-running syndicated kids’ show. They were proud of that.captnoahark

Bet you never heard of Carter or the Captain. That’s OK. If Kangaroo wasn’t your last name, I’m not sure how relevant your kids’ captaincy really was.