Ollie’s Nose


Ollie’s nose is at my bed, each and every morn

Nudging with his nudging head, even if I’m snor’n

Time to wake, to eat, to walk, new grass to adorn

‘I was here,’ that says to all, dogs you are forewarned.

Ollie’s bark is deep and gruff, ‘Hey, you passing mutt

You don’t give me any stuff, walk and keep it shut.’

This is his turf, clear enough, no if, and or but

The rule isn’t all that tough, so no slack he cuts.

Ollie’s faith in me is strong, thanks, my loyal friend

You brought me through and along, days that would not end

This is right where we belong, love to you I send

With each pat and rub and song, please do comprehend.

Ollie’s nose is at my bed, heralding the day

‘Hey there, pal,’ I’ve always said, never with dismay

As I walk this mortal thread, with him all the way

Savor we the joy ahead, more than I can say.